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This one is called Big Angry Forhead

Shot by: Mom


You are lucky enough to see these early stage shots of Kurt. ... before he became the stud you all have grown to love

This one is called Hey! Shh. I know

Shot by: Mom

Orignially from Maine, Kurt has been keeping it real since the age of nine... wait that is not what you want to hear?  What's that?     A Bio? Don't I have someone to do that for me?  No?  Well I don't really want to do it.  You can't make me.
Ok fine here you go.  Kurt is originally from Maine where he used to tip over old gravestones and rob liquor stores to feed his family of four. One day he came across an old shoe horn that enabled him to finally live out his dreams of becoming a professional cobbler.  And Cobble he did! He Cobbled his way into a nice little life.  But with success comes struggles. It was in the later years of his life that he would contract two types of palm diseases from whisking too much corn, and his life as a cobbler suddenly came to an end.  So He moved to Hollywood.
No statements in this bio have been proved as true.  And yes we are extremely proud of you for reading this far. . . wait, who the hell is "WE"
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